Posted April 3, 2015

In addition to causing restrictions that may make it impossible to continue working, some people’s disabilities require them to treat our very frequent basis or cause symptoms that make it physically impossible for them to go to work five days a week on a continuous basis.

In determining whether you are disabled, administrative law judges that decides Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cases will often rely on testimony from a vocational expert. These vocational experts are people who have knowledge about the jobs that exist in the region and know what restrictions will or will not be accommodated at any particular job. One accommodation that frequently comes up in so security hearings is absenteeism from work caused by medical conditions.

According to most vocational experts, employers will only allow employees to miss one to 1.5 days of work per month on a regular basis before they are fired. This means that if your conditions were required to treat on such a frequent basis or would cause symptoms that would cause you to miss two or more days per month from work on a regular basis then you could potentially qualify for disability.

Drummond Law has developed forms which discuss absenteeism that we frequently send to our clients’ doctors. In addition, we know how to develop the evidence to prove that your conditions are cause absenteeism that would prevent you from maintaining employment.

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