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Why Choose Drummond Disability

libertyDrummond Disability offers quality representation and has been doing so for over 35 years. We believe we are good at what we do and we offer far more than other so-called disability “advocates”.

Some of the ways that Drummond Disability differs from run-of-the-mill representatives/advocates are as follows:

  1. We are attorneys.  In this increasingly complex world, a great number of people hold themselves out as “disability advocates” who are not attorneys and have no legal background. The requirement for these “advocates” is only to pass a written test if they want fees withheld. If no fees are withheld, there are no requirements to act as an “advocate” representing a disabled person. For 35+ years Drummond Disability has provided quality legal representation to the disabled. We’ve represented thousands of clients with favorable results. “Advocates”, who are not attorneys, cannot appeal your claim to the Federal Courts in the event of an adverse decision. A person must be an attorney licensed to practice law in court, although non-attorneys can represent people in Social Security hearings. At any given time, Drummond Law has multiple cases pending on appeal in Federal District Courts and occasionally in Federal Court of Appeals.  We have had great luck in successfully appealing unfavorable decisions.
  1. Drummond Disability has developed an entire book of proprietary forms which mimic the various statutes, regulations and court decisions concerning Social Security Laws and Regulations. We developed these forms ourselves. There are no other attorneys or “advocates” who have these forms.  Our forms are continually updated and kept current with the changes in the ever changing world of Social Security Disability law. We believe that by going the extra mile and developing our own forms to be filled out by treating physicians, we maximize the chances of our clients receiving favorable outcomes in their cases.
  1. In order to maximize the chances of winning your case, it is often necessary to get a written report from your doctor directly addressing the issues presented.  Although your doctor is often very knowledgeable as to the medical aspects of your case, almost none of them are familiar with the Social Security regulations. This results in the doctor providing information which may not directly address the precise issue required for Social Security Disability. Our pre-printed forms solve this problem since these forms specifically inform the doctor of the Social Security Law and especially mimic the statute regulation purposely. Therefore, we believe this greatly improves your chances for a successful outcome.
  1. These forms cover a multitude of medical conditions and are easy for the physicians to fill out. Because they are user friendly, the physicians are much more likely to fill out our proprietary forms than to fill out long questionnaires or independent letters regarding treatment.
  2. Drummond Disability promptly returns ALL phone calls. The single largest complaint heard concerning “advocates” and other attorneys from clients is that for whatever reason, “they never return our phone calls”. At Drummond Disability we live by the Golden Rule to treat all others as we like to be treated. All phone calls are returned within a reasonable amount of time; often the same day the call was received.

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