If you are unable to work and seeking Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) due to your disability, you may wonder what makes a Social Security Disability case good or bad.

There are a number of things that can influence the quality of Social Security Disability case but the most important thing anyone seeking Social Security Disability can do is (1) to treat aggressively for their particular medical conditions and (2) treat with specialists who are considered “experts” for that particular medical condition.

What does treating aggressively mean? That means being sure to mention to your doctor the symptoms your medical condition causes as well as what makes your condition worse, what makes it better, activities you can or cannot do or avoid, and providing examples of how your conditions affect in your day to day life.

At Drummond Law, we tell our clients to tell their doctors EVERYTHING, EVERYTIME! It is important that these medical issues are discussed at every appointment as it shows a continuous medical issue that affects you as opposed to a medical problem that occurred then went away.

Why are specialists important? Specialists, doctors who specialize in treating a particular medical condition or a particular body part, are the doctors Drummond Law recommends its clients treat with. The reason why is because Social Security is more likely to put faith in how specialists evaluate and document your condition than a regular family doctor. Furthermore, for your own benefit, specialists tend to be able to give more particular care for the specific medical issue than general practitioners.

At Drummond Law, we know how to take a bad case that is likely to lose and turn it into a good, winnable Social Security Disability case.

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