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Drummond Law: Over 40 years of winning benefits for the disabled and injured workers. Click the button below to get a Free Consultation.

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From your free initital consultation, we will do what we can to make the Disability process go smoothly for you and will leave no stone unturned in our fight to get you SSD and SSI benefits. Let us start fighting for you today!

      Social Security Disability Attorneys

      The first thing that sets Drummond Law apart from other disability representatives is that we’re actual attorneys and we have well in excess of 40 years’ experience representing the disabled through all steps of the process.

      From our free initial consultation, we make our services user-friendly. In fact, we can even apply for disability benefits for you online and we can do it with just a phone call. You don’t even have to leave your house. We zealously represent our clients and don’t hesitate to appeal claims in Federal Court if necessary to get our clients the benefits they deserve. Unfortunately, many other so-called “advocates” are not attorneys and actually cannot pursue many of the avenues of appeal that an attorney can. Likewise, the only requirement that these “advocates” have is to pass a written test generated by the government. Not only do we regularly consult with our clients, but we obtain all relevant medical evidence and if necessary get the doctors’ reports needed as to illustrate the best document in winning a claim.

      Call us now at (800) 842-0426 or complete the Get a Free Consultation form and we will be contacting you as soon as possible. Let us help you get the benefits you deserve.

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      Drummond Law has served clients for more than four decades.

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      See what our Social Security attorneys have done for past clients.

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      Drummond Law only gets paid if you win and we only get paid from your back pay.

      Social Security Disability Attorneys

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      Drummond Law knows how long and difficult the Social Security Disability process case can be and that's why we use every legal avenue possible and fight hard to get our clients what they deserve.

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      • Donald Holman | Client

        I am very impressed so far. These guys call me often and fill me in on what's going on. Thank you very much. With these guys on my side I might not get denied the first time.

      • Tony S. | Client

        Mr. Drummond and his staff are really easy to talk to...and they actively listen and address all concerns. They work tirelessly with you on your problems or concerns and tell you straight out what is what.

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      Drummond Law has been winning Disability claims for over 40 years and has the experience and knowledge needed to win your SSD and SSI case and get you the money you need. Call Drummond Law today at (800) 842-0426 for a FREE consultation to find out how we can help you get the beefits you deserve.

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          Free, No-Obligation Case Review

            Free, No-Obligation Case Review