A lot of people know that Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) exists and they know that they should apply for it if they become unable to work. However, some people that contact Drummond Law are unsure of when to apply for Social Security Disability.

Our answer here at Drummond Law is that you should apply for disability as soon as you become unable to work. The number one reason why you should apply immediately after you become unable to work is because the Social Security Disability process can last a long time.

The time for Social Security Disability cases to be processed has been getting longer and longer due to an increase in applicants especially in the St. Louis, MO area. It is common for the initial decision making process to take 6 months or longer and the total process if your case goes in front of an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) can take over 2 years.

The worst consequences of the waits associated with Social Security Disability cases are the financial problems that can arise for the claimants due to their lack of income during this time.

In order to make the financial consequences as small as they can be, Drummond Law recommends claimants apply as soon as it is clear that you will not be able to work provided your condition will last one year or more.

If it is unclear whether your condition will last one year or more, we sometimes recommend you wait to apply, but, more often say apply just in case because of these long waits.

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